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Namalsk Crisis (Krize: Namalsk)

Namalsk Crisis is a campaign for Arma II and Arma II Combined Operations with over 22 missions. You will be a part of conflict on the island called Namalsk. Namalsk become as a target for an unknown corporation called NAC (Namalsk corporation). After several months of researches on an unknow alien object, which they found on Namalsk, and with a very dangerous experiments, armies of Russia and USA are trying to stop them. Unfortunately, they don't know with whom have honor.

You will be able to see the whole conflict from different sides and different people. You will face different situations, missions have a strong atmosphere with wisely chosen music and various effects. For better understading of the island Namalsk or factions, which are part of the conflict, visit sections on this web. Also, detailed info about situation etc. is included in every mission as diary notes and tasks descriptions (i will recommend you to read it :p).

Campaign was created mostly under normal Arma II, anyway, you can play also under Combined Operations version (Arma II + Arma II OA). Campaign is fully depending on the content of the modification called [Nightstalkers] Shadow of Namalsk. So, campaign is released with this modification together in version v1.0, more informations about everything about this mod and its features, visit this With version 1.10, this campaign is also featuring multiplayer cooperation mode, this campaign can be played now in 2 players and in some missions also in 6-10 players, more information about this feature in download section!.

As i mentioned, there are plenty of usefull informations on this web, 'Factions' section is describing how everything started and what kind of interest have every faction of the conflict. If you want to see, how campaign looks (i will recommend you to look there), visit 'Pictures' and 'Videos' sections.

Namalsk Crisis

Type >

SP/MP Campaign

Unique warfare mission

Game >

Arma 2, Arma 2: Combined Operations

Release >

[v1.10] 2011

[v1.15] 2012

[v1.15.1] 2012

[v1.15.2] 2012

[v1.15.3] 2012

[v1.15.4] 2013



DayZ: Namalsk v0.75 and Namalsk Crisis Update 2.4 updates were released! More info and download in appropriate sections! Download section for Namalsk Crisis also received great overhaul, which will hopefuly make things more clear.

5.7.2013, Sumrak

DayZ: Namalsk v0.741 was released! More information in DayZ: Namalsk section!

4.3.2013, Sumrak

DayZ: Namalsk v0.74 was released! More information in DayZ: Namalsk section!

19.2.2013, Sumrak

If you are experiencing problem with the coop version of Namalsk Crisis in mission 4, please download this quick fix and apply it into your @NC\Addons folder! Download here.

27.01.2013, Sumrak

New updates for Namalsk Crisis (2.3) and DayZ: Namalsk (0.73) were released! Visit Namalsk Crisis download section and DayZ: Namalsk download section!

20.12.2012, Sumrak

Server pack by Stapo got new version, supporting 0.72 version, continue here for moar info!

14.12.2012, Sumrak

New version for DayZ: Namalsk was released! This version is compatible with DayZMod and contains a lot of fixes, upgrades and additions! Continue here for download, server owners can go here. Don't forget to check notes from author on official DayZMod forums!

13.12.2012, Sumrak

Update 2.2 for Update 2 aka Pathfinder, has been released! For download, please continue to the Namalsk Crisis - 'Download' section!

2.11.2012, Sumrak

Stapo released DayZ: Namalsk server package, get more about it in DayZ: Namalsk > For server owners section!

15.11.2012, Sumrak

DayZ: Namalsk v0.60 is released! Be aware, that this update also requires Namalsk Crisis Update 2.1, released also today!

2.11.2012, Sumrak

New version of DayZ: Namalsk project is nearly finished and will be released soon!

2.11.2012, Sumrak

Update 2.1 for Update 2 aka Pathfinder, has been released! For download, please continue to the Namalsk Crisis - 'Download' section!

2.11.2012, Sumrak

Old news

DayZ: Namalsk project integration into Bliss server pack is going through the test phase and will be soon released. I would like to thank you to authors of this serverpack for their hardwork!

23.10.2012, Sumrak

DayZ: Namalsk project has been released and it is available in its section here to download! Bringing unique Namalsk island together with new features! Release trailer is available on http://www.youtube.com/. I hope you will like DayZ: Namalsk! Please not, it may take some time before there will be any server running!

23.10.2012, Sumrak

DayZ: Namalsk loot map has been released by DayZDB.com team and it is available here!

23.10.2012, Sumrak

Do you think that "Coming soon" in the upper menu is just a website bug? :D No, it is not! In fact, there has been work going on my next big project since last year, stay tuned!

18.10.2012, Sumrak

New project - DayZ: Namalsk revealed! For more information about it, please visit completely new section - DayZ: Namalsk.

18.10.2012, Sumrak

Namalsk Crisis, Update 2: "Pathfinder" is now available to download! Find more about it in the download section!

18.10.2012, Sumrak

Website will go through numerous of updates in the preparation for he next major release of the update for Namalsk Crisis, Namalsk island, other stuff connected with Namalsk or Namalsk Crisis and also the release of whole new thing!

11.10.2012, Sumrak

Developers from Bohemia Interactive - Ivan Buchta a Martin Pezlar, are currently detained in a prison in Greece, charged with allegations of spying. Support them by signing this petition helpivanmartin.org.

20.09.2012, Sumrak

It was long time since I wrote something :D Don't worry, there are tasty news coming! :)

02.08.2012, Sumrak

There is a new build of Namalsk Crisis coop campaign available here! Remember, this is still an experimental build, but it should help with some issues!

24.06.2011, Sumrak

Looks like there is a problem with backward compatibility of mutants models in Arma II non-CO. This patch will change version of ns_mutants.pbo back to the 1.00. I hope, this was last compatibility problem. Thanks for understanding!

20.06.2011, Sumrak

"Update 1" aka "Namalsk Cooperation" is now available to download! Gather your friends and play the whole campaign in the new cooperation mode! Available also with changes / fixes in the modification and campaign missions!

17.06.2011, Sumrak

Question time! If you have already tried Namalsk Crisis (and I know you do), please leave your vote here in the small survey about Which mission do you like most? In case you haven't played campaign yet, visit download section and discover secrets of Namalsk today!

13.05.2011, Sumrak

You know what 10.05.2011! Namalsk Crisis campaign & Nightstalkers Shadow of Namalsk is now available to download! Enjoy!

10.05.2011, Sumrak

Howgh! All needed release texts are completed! And the website is ready for Tuesday's release!

08.05.2011, Sumrak

Extra message now! Namalsk Crisis campaign, Nightstalkers Shadow of Namalsk modification and Namalsk v1.11, coming up in one package 10.05.2011!

06.05.2011, Sumrak

Another important pre-release milestone has been completed! Section NAC HQ [A2: NC] is now completed and it is awaiting your password, obtained during playing! :)

06.05.2011, Sumrak

A special set of images from chosen mission has been released here! Don't miss them!

04.05.2011, Sumrak

The final pre-release test is completed, only few days remaining until release!

30.04.2011, Sumrak

Modification and campaign was finished yesterday and all is undergoing final pre-release test phase!

12.03.2011, Sumrak

New video was released - Namalsk Crisis Launch trailer, you can waitch it on YouTube.com or here on site!

04.03.2011, Sumrak

I did more tweaks on the web today. For example, you can now read some short info about APSI device (Warfare or Modules section). And I have added the fresh new section called NAC HQ, which will cover needed informations about NAC's "everything", note: this section will be officially opened after release of Namalsk Crisis campaign and you will need a password for encrypted connection with NAC server! And the best, the only way for getting password is searching for it through whole Namalsk Crisis campaign :)

02.03.2011, Sumrak

I have finished translation of the newest english section - Warfare, also, with a big help of my brother, we have managed to get most of the texts in the campaign corrected and translated. Namalsk Crisis campaign will have 2 language support - Czech and English. And for some more important stuff, yes, i hope, that something will going on in few more days :D btw.: yes, finally, english section have english news!

28.02.2011, Sumrak

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