In this section are described functions of each modules, included in Nightstalkers: Shadow of Namalsk, these modules are avaiable through mission editor under key F7 with same name like here.

(this text is also available in offline version here)

AII Laboratory

Type: Module for controlling the unique underground of the object AII.

Since: ArmA II, Namalsk Crisis: Pathifnder 2.0

Version: 1.1

MP support: Yes

Because underground of the AII object was quite empty, i decided to save work to mission makers and create module, which will fill underground with objects and make it fine.

After insert this module into your mission, approximately 100 different objects will be inserted into underground. (boxes, computers,..)

With the Update 2: Pathfinder, this module is also trackign player's position. If the player will enters the underground complex, it will turn off default island's ambient sounds and starts playing the sound of undeground object.

With these objects are also inserted lights, there lights are fully working.

Light are turned off in default.

But you can control them with these vars:

status ns_aii_l_status (0 = lights off, 1 = lights on, DEF value : 0)

intensity ns_aii_l_intensity (values 0.01 - 0.05 max!, DEF value : 0.05)

Here you have some screens, how to use this module:

And how it looks at night with lights:


Type: Module for controlling discharges from an alien object on Namalsk

Since: ArmA II, Namalsk Crisis: Pathfinder v2.2

Version: 1.2

MP support: Yes

With this module you can control blowouts, which are generated by alien device on Namalsk.

From Namalsk Crisis story follows, that this alien device is controlled by NAC faction, which this device modified for its purposes and researches.

Module generate automatically random blowouts, which have between minimum time of 5 minutes. Blowouts are accompanied with different sounds and graphical effects. Blowout will affect all units on the map.

(This picture was taken by NAC scientist during first tests of device, you can see bottom right A1 object and huge flash)

NAC, faction, which is controlling this device, created for its purposes protection device, which is protecting person again deadly radiation from discharges.

Class of the protection device is APSI (it will be added to the maps etc.). You can use for example this code this addWeapon "APSI"; into inicialization of unit and that unit will be protected from deadly radiation.

Since Namalsk Crisis: Pathfinder 2.2, you can also take cover in the nearby buildings.

You can control module by stopping it before beginning of the next blowout using this (not included in freecall function):

ns_blowout : true = Blowout module will work normally (default value)

ns_blowout : false = Blowout will generate time of the next blowout and waiting before start of the next blowout on ns_blowout : 1

For checking blowout status, use these vars:

ns_blow_status : true = Blowout in progress, false = no blowout

ns_blow_action : true = Actions of the blowout, false = no blowout

ns_blow_delaymod : mod = modifier for delays between random blowouts

From Namalsk Crisis story also follows, that NAC is capable of controlling little EMP target, with changing pumped power into device. You have same opportunity with this module or function:

ns_blow_emp : true = High value of energy will be pumped into device, Namalsk and surroundings will be affected by EMP

ns_blow_emp : false = Nominal value of energy will be pumped into device, only surroundings of Namalsk will be affected by EMP (default value)

Warning! If you will choose ns_blow_emp : true, Namalsk and everything on it will be permanently damaged! Units will lost their transmitters, nvgs, gps,.. and vehicles will be no longer usable.

It is also possible to call single sequence of the blowout using the blowout function from the functions manager.

This single section of the blowout is called ns_fnc_blowseq. Blowout after calling will appear in 5 seconds. This function is taking 1 parameter - 1 = blowout with EMP results, 0 = normal blowout.

For calling blowout in script, use this:

  [false or true] spawn ns_fnc_blowseq;

For calling blowout using trigger, use this:

  whatever = [false or true] spawn ns_fnc_blowseq;

(Functions manager needs some time for inicialization, you can't call blowout function at the mission beginning, if you want, you have to add this before calling - waitUntil{!isNil "bis_fnc_init"}; )

If you wan to know, what is doing blowout module in your mission, check .prt log file, where blowout module or function debugging its functionality.

And how it works:

Effect: Namalsk default gray color

Effect: Namalsk default color

Effect: Namalsk cold color

Effect: Snowfall

Effect: Breathing fog

Type: Modules for chaging mission atmosphere.

Since: ArmA II, Namalsk Crisis: Pathfinder v2.2

Version: 1.2

MP support: Yes

These modules are created for a better atmosphere in missions on Namalsk. You can choose from 3 types - cold, gray, default. For use, insert chosen module into your mission.

Every module have a pp priority (which filter = priority):

cold filtrr = 1503

default filter = 1501

gray filter = 1502

It is also possible to turn off / edit these effects, all effects are as global variable (which filter = variable):

cold filter = ns_col_cold

default filter = ns_col_def

gray filter = ns_col_def_g

And how it looks:

(cold filter, default filter, gray filter)

With the 2.2 update, there are 2 new functions, which you can use to improve the atmosphere in your missions, as always, they need functions manager (F7 - Modules - Functions Manager).

First one is dzn_fnc_snowfall, which generates falling snow effect, you can adjust time (first parameter) and density (second parameter - 0..1). This function needs to have initialized function for checking, if target is in some building or not - fnc_isInsideBuilding = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\nst\ns_modules\functions\external\fn_isInsideBuilding.sqf";.

Second is dzn_fnc_breathfog, which generates effect of breath in the cold weather, this function does not need any parameter on default, but can have one - unit where fog should spawn.

As always, these functions requires easy formula - [param1, param2,..] spawn functionname;


Type: Module for spawning and controlling mutants.

Since: ArmA II, Namalsk Crisis v1.0

Version: 1.0

MP support: Yes

With this module you can control random mutants in your mission. Modul is working with 3 types of the zombies and 3 types of the bloodsuckers. Zombies are classic dummy zombies and bloodsuckers are fast, deadly, invisible (only if they are not attacking) creatures, really - do not want to meet them in the wrong time :D. Module will spawn mutants according their strength, zombies are more often than bloodsuckers.

This module need to have placed unit called ns_mut_leader in the mission, this unit must be in the opposite side (possible scenario - BLUFOR vs OPFOR, resistance enemy of all, ns_mut_leader under resistance).

Since Update 2.2, mutant scripts were improved for multiplayer gameplay and they now require having functions manager in multiplayer missions.

You can controll spawning using ns_mut_stopspawn (0 = on, 1 = off) variable.

As i mentioned in Class names section, it is possible to protect some units against mutants using 'mut_heart' item. Units, which will have this item will be for mutants just another mutant, it will be no threat for them.


Shadow of Namalsk

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