For a limited number of time after the release, there will be vanilla Namalsk servers available for anyone to play on. The exact date of shutdown will be determined at a later date (with a sufficient heads up on blog, on my twitter and discord), but it largely depends on the player activity on the servers. Given the number of the servers, these will not be actively managed and so please do expect very limited support. I am not distributing any priority queue access to these servers either. If you run into any gameplay issues, please report them on the official discord (#issues channel).

There are 2 different types of Namalsk vanilla servers. All are running 40 maximum players and are pure vanilla (Namalsk Island and Namalsk Survival mods only).

Regular (FPP)

1st person perspective
Bright night
Regular CE setup
November temperatures

Hardcore (FPP)

1st person perspective
Dark night
Hardcore CE setup
No vehicles
No bases
December temperatures

Servers span across US and EU regions to have as many people enjoy Namalsk in its vanilla shape as possible. Below you can find a full list:

DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) EU – DE 5056 – Hardcore (FPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) EU – DE 3995 – Regular (FPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) EU – DE 5101 – Regular (FPP) –

DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) US – NY 2181 – Regular (FPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) US – LA 9608 – Regular (FPP) –

Joining the servers is simple – subscribe to the already linked mods (or visit this section of website to get Steam Workshop links), run DayZ, go to servers tab in the launcher, find a server (use the table to get name/ip) and click join, activate mods and enjoy!

Servers full or you do not enjoy the vanilla settings? Join the official Namalsk discord to see community server adverts!