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Faction Nightstalkers is a private science and military company of explorers who are interested in all sorts of mysteries. Same as the Russian government, they also knew about sudden "silence" of the island Namalsk. And as a coincidence, they also got informations about Russia's plans about checking strange situation on Namalsk. It is expected, that Russian government will send towards Namalsk scouting units, which will be capable of securing bases and carefully investigating the situation on Namalsk.

Explorer from the team becomes Tamika Maclemar. At 10th May 2011, she wil enter a supply ship in the Anadyr harbor and after several hours of shipping, she will reach her goal - island Namalsk. Tamika must during exploring proceed with caution, because it is quite possible, that the Russians will not be probably too hesitant. Her goal is clear - explore terrain and contact the team about situation.

The last known information about activity of this faction is about 6:42 10.05. 2011, where was caught last control signal from Tamika's PDA.


Faction Nightstalkers own 1 class helicopter Mil Mi-24V with equipment for their purposes and they have 5 members - Tamika Maclemar, Michael Zaytsev, Peter Trepov, Alex Nuvikov and commander Maksim Solovyov, which are experienced in many fields.


The Russian government was the first faction, which was interested about situation on the island Namalsk. It was mainly because of planned ecomonical saving actions, because they also planned to leave some less habitated areas, like in the area of the Bering sea. But since April of 2011, Namalsk has gone silent completely. This was strange, so, they decided to check, what happened there, but, explorers have not come back. 26th April, the Russian government decided, that Namalsk should be isolated completely using Russian Army a move inhabitants to better locations of the Russian Federation.

The Russian army, on the basis of the decisions, May 9th, 2011, afternoon, completely occupied the northern part of the island. First reports speak of a deserted island without a single man. Later reports describes Namalsk differently, the explorers managed to locate in the southern part unknown armed units belonging to the NAC fraction (according to a new containers located on Namalsk). After this discovery, the question arose, whether the members of unknown armed group are not the original inhabitants, who refused to leave. Expedition was immediately prepared, accoring this discovery, to possible enemy contact, but any further actions were postponed due to bad weather conditions to next day, May 10th, 2011.

Reports from the morning of May 10th, 2011, were not good at all, in the surroundings and on Namalsk was very bad weather. Latest news just before a big EMP talking about a massive flashes to the clouds from the southern mountains. Reports also talk about some intruder on the northen part, but he was not trapped because of EMP. Total losses after discharge were large, only a small part of the sent soldiers managed to escape back to the mainland.


The Russian army has its strong BTR-90, helicopters Mil Mi-24 Hind and Namalsk are exploring very experienced soldiers. For possible support at the time of occupation of the Namalsk, the nearest nuclear submarine, codenamed SCAT IE-R2, were moved closer to Namalsk.


After initial recovery from the huge blackout 10th May, 2011, experts found, that the source of the huge EMP is somewhere in the Bering Sea. After a closer scanning of the dead regions using satellites, they calculated location of the source. In the calculated area is only one bigger piece of land - island Namalsk. The EMP was really huge. Surface area, which has been affected, was abnormally large for the EMP. 10th May 2011 suddenly lost electricity whole Alaska, Japan and a large part of Siberia. It is already known, that there was not detected any kind of missile launched or spotted in atmosphere. No nuclear explosion. If this won't be some kind of big mistake or some natural event, it will be probably a highly effective non-missile based weapon in these days of modern warfare.

The U.S. government sees this as a potential military act against the U.S. and their allies. Although Namalsk is a territory, which belongs to the Russian Federation, the Russian side has just announced that they have nothing common with this discharge. Discussions are ongoing and is expected full cooperation with the Russian side to resolve this serious problem. Congress has decided the agreements to send as soon as possible towards Namalsk the closest available unit - 32 MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit). Its main task is to investigate and find out what's going on Namalsk. The MEU should arrive to Namalsk on 12th May, 2011. The target area is still covered with very thick clouds, satellites can not do much here. The first reconnaissance unit sent by the U.S. side should arrive to Namalsk during the 11th May, 2011. During 11th - 12th May is also expected first support from the Russian side. But it is likely that whatever the problem is, the governments will try to solve this problem very quickly by any means.


32. MEU, sent to Namalsk, is transported in the aircraft carrier called 'USS Cold Acolyte', which is accompanied by a destroyer and cruiser. The aircraft carrier is equipped with the modern F35B VTOL, you can also find AH1 Cobra helicopters or AH64 Apache helicopters, and also transport helicopters like the UH-60. And of course, also some ground vehicles. We can't forget also on infranty, the U.S. military has a very experienced soldiers for a various situations.

The following informations are from higly classified files of the Namalsk corporation [also known as the NAC]. Other factions don't know about NAC or about these informations.


Target: Namalsk, Bering Sea, Russian Federation

Detailed target: A small ridge on the south side of the island.

Coordinates: 61.731526, -179.143066

Description: The remains of an unknown object, the surface part is composed of very strange shapes, which we have never saw before. We found that this object is hidden beneath vast underground tunnels. Everything seems to be remarkably well preserved. Our scientists say that it definitely can not be created by man or even from a random nature. After the discovery of some very special equipment (which somehow still worked), our scients saying, that this could be extraterrestrial origin. After these shocking findings, our other objectives were postponed, and we moved all the technology on Namalsk. If we can discover what this strange complex of hiding, it could be a milestone in the history of mankind.


On arrival at Namalsk, the NAC decided to take immediate steps to acquire the island. They used the fact that the government planning to do Namalsk depopulated / abandoned, so, they dragged some inhabitants on own side and those who did not wanted to join NAC or tried to escape, were captured by NAC. NAC has a base of very experienced scientists with the perfect equipment for research on the found technology. They are protected by combat group of the NAC, which is very experienced in their field. So far it is not entirely clear, but if the NAC will find any usefull technology for weapons, it could cause a big problems. After huge EMP, NAC got a lot of vehicles from the Russian Army using quick ambushes on Russian groups. They were able to make most of the Russian vehicles again operating, they also managed to enter old Cold War objects on the southern part with big underground, which was capable to hide most of the stolen Russian vehicles and their other equipment. Vehicles will be very handy for NAC's plans, because that huge emp blast did not provide cover for their experiments.

Namalsk Crisis

Type >

SP/MP Campaign

Unique warfare mission

Game >

Arma 2, Arma 2: Combined Operations

Release >

[v1.10] 2011

[v1.15] 2012

[v1.15.1] 2012

[v1.15.2] 2012

[v1.15.3] 2012

[v1.15.4] 2013


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