What you will need?

Community server pack, for example https://github.com/thevisad/DayZ-Private-master.

DayZ modification, which is also in the version supported by DayZ: Namalsk (mod folder @dayz)

Modification Namalsk Crisis with the update 2.4 (v1.15.4) + DayZ: Namalsk data pbo (all in the one mod folder @NC)

Arma II Combined Operations in the newest version, idealy with the 103718 beta patch

A bit patience

How to run it?

Please note, that server packs, mentioned above, will probably have already Namalsk package prepared for th e latest release of DayZ: Namalsk. This page is mainly focused to publish the fiels, which are unique / needed to get Namalsk server working from any server package.

Warning! If you will need to create your own DayZ: Namalsk mission for your server, always create it from the DayZ: Namalsk exemplary mission! (there are needed modifications so DayZ: Namalsk would work with all its features).

Because of the changes and additions to the DayZ: Namalsk, it may be needed to change BE filters, download package below and copy them for example to dayz_1.namalsk\BattlEye\.

Since DayZ: Namalsk v0.72, you can configure your server to your needs without editing signed pbos of DayZ: Namalsk!

Everything needed is included in the mission file, unpack it with any pbo unpacker and change the variables in init.sqf (they are commented approprietly)! You can choose different loot table setup or turn on / off bloodsuckers / evr discharges.


DayZ: Namalsk v0.75 (9MB, *.7z, nightstalkers.cz)

(Needs Namalsk Crisis Update 2.4 (v1.15.4), DayZMod

All server related things in one package, udpated for DayZ: Namalsk v0.75 (59KB, *.7z)

Remeber: It is essential to keep Namalsk Crisis modfiles updated, not just DayZ: Namalsk! DayZ: Namalsk v0.75 requires Namalsk Crisis Update 2.4 (v1.15.4).

DayZ: Namalsk

Type >

Official Namalsk island support for DayZ mod

Game >

Arma 2: Combined Operations

Release >

[v0.75] 2013

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