Infection is spreading over the whole world! Conflict on Namalsk was paralyzed, survive in the harsh enviroment of Namalsk!

DayZ: Namalsk is the addition to the Namalsk Crisis Update 2: Pathfinder, if you want to know more about this update or Namalsk Crisis modification, continue here.

DayZ: Namalsk is adding the whole new aspect to Namalsk island. Adding DayZ modification support allows to the players, who host DayZ servers, run DayZ mod on Namalsk island with all kinds of improvements and additions, which DayZ: Namalsk offers. DayZ: Namalsk is not only focused on the support of DayZ modification, but it is also trying to focus on the new features, which will a bit distinct from the original DayZ and brings more challenge for the survival in the harsh environment of Namalsk. Altought all has been properly tested, some things will be noticable after a longer period and gathering feedback is necessary to polish things up (that is mainly about the loot tables).

DayZ: Namalsk in short points (if you want to know the exact details, follow this link to the changelog section)

  • Added support for the unique objects, placed on Namalsk (over 1500 lootspots on the 90 unique models)

  • Extended lootspot support also for the original Arma II buildings and ojbects

  • Improved fight with the mother nature - new and edited factors, which affects your body's temperature, and also lowered chances for getting food and water

  • Increased activity (count) of the infected at the certain locations / objects

  • Medium infected hordes in forest areas

  • New clothes (inspired by this uniform), which does have a real impact on your body's temperature in two color variants + winter themed ghillie suit

  • New weapons, backpacks and items

  • New and edited loot tables

  • Spawn of the helicrash events disabled, helicrash loot is available in smaller amount on the static places on the map with edited loot table

  • Spawn of the debris, wrecks and dead bodies is turned off

  • Medical care packages

  • Crafting system - repair broken equipment such as NVGs, GPS!

  • New types of the infected characters (better fitting to the situation on Namalsk)

  • New pve challenge - fast & invisble and deadly creature - bloodsucker

  • EVR discharges on Namalsk active, giving players challenge to survive these harsh strikes on Namalsk

  • Improved dynamic weather system - possibilities of rain or snowfall based on the current temperature (snowfall have also effect on the player's body temperature, similar to rain, but higher impact)

  • Increased depth of the atmosphere by added breathing fog effect

  • Multiplayer DayZ mission connected with the newest version of AII laboratory module

  • 35 different spawn points for bicycles, cars, boats or helicopter (spawn points does not corresponds with the actual count of the spawned vehicles in the mission)

  • New types of helicopters - Kamov Ka-60 Kasatka (with grenade launcher and rockets) and civillian transport Mil Mi-17

  • Configurable parameters - server admins can adjust their server without making the changes inside signed pbo addons! (different loot table setting, on/off feature for additional feature of DayZ: Namalsk)

  • All the needed changes are done outside of the DayZ modification, so DayZ: Namalsk requires the official version of DayZ modification

DayZ: Namalsk loot map was created in the cooperation with team (I would like to thank them very much!) and it is available on

DayZ: Namalsk requires and also contains parts ofDayZ mod, which is developed by Dean "Rocket" Hall. I would like to thank to him for creating such awesome modification! Then I would like to thank my brother (Eawes) for huge help during creation of DayZ: Namalsk. Then I would like to thank pre-release testers and DayZ: Namalsk propagators JTS and Aeious "BlackOuT" Killhound and of course, guys from Bliss server pack and, who are helping a lot with the server side, those are the ones who made it possible to have so many server in the release day! Also, I would like to thank for the continuous support of the DayZMod community and also guys from for expert consulations and testing!

DayZ: Namalsk

Type >

Official Namalsk island support for DayZ mod

Game >

Arma 2: Combined Operations

Release >

[v0.75] 2013

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