In this section are described functions of each modules, included in Nightstalkers: Shadow of Namalsk, these modules are avaiable through mission editor under key F7 with same name like here.

(this text is also available in offline version here)

AII Laboratory

Type: Module for controlling the unique underground of the object AII.

Since: ArmA II, Namalsk v1.10

Version: 1.0

MP support: Yes

Because underground of the AII object was quite empty, i decided to save work to mission makers and create module, which will fill underground with objects and make it fine.

After insert this module into your mission, approximately 100 different objects will be inserted into underground. (boxes, computers,..)

With these objects are also inserted lights, there lights are fully working.

Light are turned off in default.

But you can control them with these vars:

status ns_aii_l_status (0 = lights off, 1 = lights on)

intensity ns_aii_l_intensity (values 0.01 - 0.05 max!)

You don't have to set these vars in start of the mission.

Here you have some screens, how to use this module:

And how it looks at night with lights:

Ambient: Namalsk default gray color

Ambient: Namalsk default color

Ambient: Namalsk cold color

Type: Modules for chaging mission atmosphere.

Since: ArmA II, Namalsk v1.0

Version: 1.0

MP support: Yes

These modules are created for a better atmosphere in missions on Namalsk. You can choose from 3 types - cold, gray, default. For use, insert chosen module into your mission.

Every module have a pp priority (which filter = priority):

cold filtrr = 1503

default filter = 1501

gray filter = 1502

It is also possible to turn off / edit these effects, all effects are as global variable (which filter = variable):

cold filter = ns_col_cold

default filter = ns_col_def

gray filter = ns_col_def_g

And how it looks:

(cold filter, default filter, gray filter)


Type >


Game >

OFP: Resistance, ArmA: Armed Assault, Arma 2, Arma 2: Combined Operations

Release >

[v0.30 A1] 2008

[v0.45 A1] 2009

[v1.00 A2] 2010

[v1.10 A2] 2010

[v1.11 A2] 2011

[v1.55 A2] 2012


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