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|15.9. 2010

Given the Namalsk environment Russian government is considering moving the inhabitants to more convenient locations. The natives are obvious obstacles, because they live in this place for many years and recently a lot of trying to improve the situation. But it is necessary to recognize that the statistics speak his population is shrinking and the island is gradually becoming a "weight". Coal mine in Sebjan is almost extracted and livestock-rearing in a small space, such as Jalovisko has no future relevance.

|22.8. 1994

Today's successful year, growing animals in the northern part Namalsku in Jalovisko. This success was mainly a handy weather in recent months.

|25.3. 1992

After long talks, the local goverment got funded to build wind turbines to support island's electrical grid. Expectations are, that Namalsk will be less depending on the old thermal Akruna facility.

|4.2. 1992

Thanks to subarctic climate, Namalsk is experiencing a very hard winter again. Despite these drawbacks Namalsk still occupies nearly 1,000 people, most of them live in the northern part of the city around Vorkuta. Southern part of the mountains, especially in winter is very harsh and is not very populated.

|17.5. 1991

The Namalsk local goverment have officially started work on the connection between the northern and southern parts of the island. There has been ongoing problems in the marshes of Sebjan. From the possible options of solving the problems, local goverment selected building barriers between sea and the inland, sealing marshes and building Sebjan dam together with a proper communication to the southern part. It is also planned to regenerate Sebjan marsh completely overtime.

|12.10. 1989

After many years of effort Namalsk goverment finally finished the port on the island of Tara, which is very closely adjacent to Namalsk. This new port with a new industrial buildings is to ensure the supply Namalsk and export of raw materials such as coal mine Sebjan or saw Tara. Also, through the construction of stabilized supply of electricity from thermal power facility Akruna.

|12.4. 1987

Capital Vorkuta has undergone changes. Longtime construction of prefabricated houses confesses progress and people can move in. In the middle of the city, there are created business buildings and on the northern edge of the city rising cultural center. The building contains an innovative cinema, hotel and cafe. Vorkuta with these steps become increasingly better known in the neighborhood of Namalsk island.


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