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Namalsk island was released overall in 3 games, during this development phase, i learned a lot about editing, modeling, etc. You can see, how i was successfull during developing Namalsk, with downloading each version for each game.

This section is offering different versions and also newest version for each game.

[Arma 3]

Namalsk, A3 version by Lappihuan and Exile Mod team

[Arma II and/or CO]

Namalsk island v1.11

[Arma: Armed Assault]

Namalsk island v0.45


Type >


Game >

OFP: Resistance, ArmA: Armed Assault, Arma 2, Arma 2: Combined Operations

Release >

[v0.30 A1] 2008

[v0.45 A1] 2009

[v1.00 A2] 2010

[v1.10 A2] 2010

[v1.11 A2] 2011

[v1.55 A2] 2012


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