Website update

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This article provides an insight into major website update of, which happened over past few weeks.

Now this is something I wanted to do for a very long time. Although having my own written website can be in some cases seen as an advantage (total control above everything, certain level of simplicity and overview on what is happening here and here), but without any proper administration, it is pain to keep the website up to date. So as 1/3 of the internet, I went for WordPress. It certainly was a lengthy task for me to decide if this is something I really want and will use. I thoroughly tested everything I could before jumping into it. But as you can see, everything went well and so the new era for begins today.

One of the key things for me was to keep the compatibility with old website. There are unfortunately many external links, leading to it, which meant that I would ideally need to keep the functionality and built the new website as an addition to the old website.

Every new project will now use the new website though.

In addition to much clearer new website sections, now has its own blog (or I do actually). I plan to post here updates on stuff I released or work on, interesting topics about how I solved x and made y. Possibly even my thoughts on topics not related to any of my projects. It may even happen that I will post some updates on what I do outside of these projects (for example my attempts at astrophotography).  Please keep in mind, that the projects you see (and will see) are mostly one manned by me, thus you cannot expect that I will be doing weekly updates etc. I work when I can and value my free time accordingly to things I need to do. So, there will be updates, but without any pattern, so be sure to keep an eye on my twitter or the website itself! See you soon!