Please note that this section contains minor spoilers for the story of the game this modification is based on – Original War. If you are into RTS/RPG games, I HIGHLY recommend getting it from Steam here. While it is an old game, it is still being improved by updates and works flawlessly on new operating systems and setups. I do recommend checking out community made content as it has Steam Workshop support too (for example you can play missing piece of the original game – Arabian campaign).

At the beginning of 20th century, a discovery by US expedition has been made in the vast landscape of Siberia. At the archaeological site, they found a strange device. This device was thoroughly tested by scientist and later it was discovered, that this device – named as Eon – is a time machine. Once they finally figured it out, another problem emerged – Eon’s fuel has been depleted and so it was no longer functioning. Luckily, in 21th century, another US expedition, tasked with searching for natural richness of Central Siberia, has made a major discovery of a strange new mineral. Its unique properties made it immediately one of the top candidates for solving the ultimate problem of the present world – energy. But the fact that it has been located within the Russian Federation has led to the operation called Globe Mine. It was discovered that this mineral – called Siberite – is connected with Eon – it can actually be used as fuel for it. Expedition was able to gather samples of Siberite and brought them back to US. Operation Globe Mine was tasked with utilizing Eon to get back in time and make sure Siberite deposits are all mined and moved into Alaska – it was estimated that Eon sends anything in time roughly around 2 million years and by that time, Alaska and Siberia was still connected by the ground (much easier transportation). And so the operation went forward. A mission that was supposed to secure a better future required a special people with unique skill set to possibly survive months in a complete isolation (Eon was not sending people at the same place and time). Given the size limitation of what could be sent through Eon, most of the buildings and vehicles had to be assembled on site, which only complicated the situation more. Not to mention that this was a one way trip that eventually resulted in everyone dying – hopefully with all Siberite transported into Alaska.

Playing with time never goes the way people wants though. In a different reality – in the world, dominated by US, harvesting precious Siberite deposits, located in Alaska – Russia was struggling to keep up, without knowing that this Siberite (it was actually called Alaskite by them) was actually located on their lands. But this was about to be changed – Russian archaeological expedition has found remains of actual US facilities (that were used to mine and transport Siberite to Alaska 2 million years ago) along with the Eon. With discovering Eon’s capabilities, they have decided that it was a time to pay a visit to the past and stop operation Globe Mine from happening.

And here, the actual gameplay of Original War really begins. Two sides that thought they knew each other, yet they came from a completely different realities, clash together in a times before humans were born. Pristine lands of Central Siberia, with many secrets waiting to be uncovered, were now filled raging war between two sides.

But if it was only that simple. Just a few days after US officially went forward with Globe Mine expedition, outpost with Eon, located in Central Siberia, was ambushed by an unknown group of mercenaries – later discovered to be brought by influential Arab states that realized world would be much better (for them) without Siberite in the hands of US (in fact they were interested in destroying it completely to make sure the future is based on oil). And so the third side joins the war 2 million years back that is already in full swing.

Following videos should help you orientate a bit more and fill missing pieces. But as I mentioned earlier, I highly recommend on getting this game to get a full picture of its story (many amazing missions and cutscenes).