Visit Frequently Asked Questions on the official server hosting GitHub for Namalsk.


Is Namalsk an official DLC?

No, Namalsk is a personal project of Adam, developed in his own free time. It is not affiliated in any way with Bohemia Interactive.


Is Namalsk available on consoles?

No, Namalsk is a mod and thus cannot be made available on console builds of DayZ as they do not support full modding like PC version does.


Is this really for free?

Yes, absolutely. As long as you own DayZ itself (it is a mod for DayZ after all). If you do not own DayZ and want to play Namalsk, you can get DayZ here.


Is there any way I can support Adam in his endeavours?

Any moral support, be it on streams / twitter / discord is very much appreciated. If you would like to support me financially, you can do that by clicking a donate button at the bottom of this website or by visiting following link. Money goes towards keeping the website and my hardware up and running to support my projects for the years to come.


I see Namalsk Island and Namalsk Survival mod, what is the difference between these two?

In order for my mod to be more convenient to use, I have decided to split it in half. First half (Island package) contains the map alongside assets, sounds and map related scripts. Second half (Survival package) contains everything that is considered as adjustment of the gameplay (including custom survival features). I do recommend activating both on your servers for a full Namalsk experience.


Is monetization of Namalsk allowed?

No. If you happen to bump into a server that is running Namalsk Island or Namalsk Survival and charges for an access or any sort of premium paid features (priority queue, custom clothes,..), please report it on following link or directly to me (through any social media).


I have found a bug or have some cool idea, where should I post it?

Please join the official Discord at following link and place your gameplay issues in #issues, map bugs in #fixing-namalsk and any ideas into #suggestions Thank you.


Will the mod be supported after its release?

Yes, my intention is to continue supporting Namalsk in the months and years to come. Primarily is to keep it in line with official DayZ game updates, but also adding some new features or perhaps even locations.


I found some oddly looking buildings, low resolution textures. Its 2020, what is this!?

While I spent huge amount of time on third iteration of Namalsk, I was simply unable to change everything. Namalsk is REALLY old island and it contains many old models (you can basically see the progress I made in terms of improving my modelling skills over past few years). But even my newest models may not be the quality you would expect. But that is because my focus is always on the usability of said object, the visual part comes always as second. I cannot afford to spent weeks on one object. I can assure you, that I did my best to make the third iteration of Namalsk as good as I possible could within a realistic time-frame.


I am a content creator and would like to use Namalsk logo in my videos/streams.

You can use black/transparent/white background versions here.


I have some other question I could not find an answer for.

Head over to the official Namalsk Discord or contact me on social media.