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My name is Adam Franců, but you will usually find me under my nickname Sumrak on the internet (sometimes also under NamalskSurvivor). I was born in 1990, Czech Republic. I was always fascinated by creating things from paper and plastic. When I discovered approximately 15 years ago the possibilities of what can be done on PC (mainly thanks to the game called Operation Flashpoint), I just could not stop since then.

What I like the most is to create virtual terrains (maps). Even though it is one of the most time consuming things that you can choose from, it is very rewarding. In addition to this, I always like to create proper atmosphere and actual story that surrounds certain terrain I work on. Many of you are probably well familiar with Namalsk island – that is prime example of this approach.

The games that I have invested the most time are the ones from Arma series (starting with Operation Flashpoint). These games basically allowed me to do everything I ever wanted. That being said I venture and experiment with other types of games too (Original War for example) and also have some prototype projects under progress within Unity engine. It is all about prioritization, making sure I can deliver something in the end while still having fun and investing carefully my available free time. Given the fact that I mostly work on these projects alone, things can easily take years, so please bear with me.

But do not worry, I still retain my dedication and patience, even after I have dedicated thousands hours of my free time into learning and creating. I can assure you that I will continue to do so throughout years to come as there are still too many ideas to take on.

This website – nightstalkers.cz – is here to help me spread out word about things that I have done so far and what I am currently working on. So if you are interested, follow me on social sites or just keep an eye on this website!


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All of the work I do is available to download free of any charges. If you like what I do and want to support my future endeavours, you can do so by sending a donation of any amount to keep this website & my hardware running and up-to-date. Thank you!