You cannot monetize any server that is running Namalsk Island / Namalsk Survival mods! This includes even things such as selling priority queue slots.


  • Everything necessary to host a Namalsk server is publicly available and thus anyone owning DayZ can do it.
  • It is possible to host just Island or just Survival package if one chooses to do so.
  • Both client and server optimized packages are available on Steam Workshop and will be updated regularly.
  • If you are running into issues with running Namalsk Island and/or Namalsk Survival, visit official Namalsk discord. Please note that I DO NOT provide support for basics of DayZ server hosting, but rather for questions/issues, tied to the Namalsk itself.

Configuration and mission files

Files, required to run the server, are located on the official GitHub repository and also in the Extras folder of Survival package distribution on Steam Workshop.


Comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section is available on the official GitHub repository and it is recommended read for anyone interested in hosting a Namalsk server.