Is this for free?
Yes, absolutely. As long as you own Arma 3 itself. If you do not own Arma 3 and want to play Arma 3: Original War, you can get Arma 3 here (please keep in mind that you want to have Apex Expansion and Marksmen DLC to play Arma 3: Original War without any issues).

Can I modify and/or re-distribute this modification?
No, for now, subscribing to this mod through Steam Workshop is the only way to get Arma 3: Original War. As for modifying Arma 3: Original War, please take a look on answer to the last question on this page.

I dont understand controls or what to do in-game.
Please visit How to play section of this website. This page will help you orientate in basic flow of this modification along with other minor tips and tricks.

I encountered an issue in the mod. What should I do?
First, please take a look into list of known issues, here in Development section. If your issue is not there, you can contact me directly on mail, post a comment into discussion in workshop. You can use any of these paths to also include any kind of suggestions you may have in regards to this modification.

Why there is only one multiplayer mission available?
Consider Arma 3: Original War as a proof of concept modification for the time being. I hope that this multiplayer mission offers enough space for you to play in and experiment with all the features that this modification offers. Now it would be really awesome to for example see a rework of a original campaign within the environment of Arma 3: Original War, but that is simply beyond my capabilities at the moment (the time required for this to happen is too high).

Why buildings and vehicles does not have any textures?
Again, please consider Arma 3: Original War as a proof of concept modification for the time being. Sure, I could spent additional weeks of figuring out textures for individual vehicles and buildings, but I instead went and added an actual functionality to them. I hope you can overlook this and still enjoy Arma 3: Original War in its full potential.

Do you plan to finish third side of conflict – Arabian faction?
The most important for me was to finalize somehow two sides of conflict (so the actual conflict can happen). While there is a lot of stuff already prepared for the third side and actual Arabian side analysis is well underway (what buildings and vehicles should be prepared), I would like to wait for your feedback and will decide later about adding such major features.

Why some technologies cannot be researched / have no impact?
It was easier for me to go further rather getting stuck and figuring out for example how many time-related research on Russian side should be implemented in the environment of Arma 3: Original War. American radar is on the same page. While nothing is set at this point, I cant promise that I will be able to implement all the features from the Original War to this modification (mainly also because some of those simply does not work well in the environment of Arma 3).

Interested in helping out with development of this modification?
While I will definitely do my best to continue supporting this modification within my available time frame, I would welcome any help from anyone who would like to see Arma 3: Original War to reach even higher. Please visit Development section of this website to get more information on how you can get involved in the process.