Got ideas on how to improve Arma 3: Original War? Wanna help this mod to reach even higher? Have a look on public repository at and contribute to development of Arma 3: Original War today!


Newest version: 0.71.1 visit Download section for instruction on how to get it.


Update 0.71.1 brings number of improvements and fixes. Most notably it is aimed to fix issues with scripted damage handling system not applied for JIP FPS clients, remote controlled entities and vehicles with transferred ownership.


  • Eawes (Am faction models, extensive MP testing)
  • Original War game (music, sfx, gui button textures, base for sat texture, character pictures)
  • OW Arabian Campaign mod (some Ar faction character pictures)


  • Added: mission parameter to enable/disable building of misc assets for your base (these things can be abused as they do not cost anything and so you can disable them now if you play in open environment)
  • Changed: changes and additions have been made to the way scripted damage handling system is applied on units and vehicles (now respects owner transfership, remote controlled units)
  • Tweaked: positions of respawn markers (all sides no longer have them at one spot)
  • Tweaked: lowered armor of heavy tracked Am vehicles
  • Tweaked: default values for both mp missions
  • Fixed: get out function from vehicle should finally work properly outside of server (along with behaviour setting)

Known issues:

  • there is no way (at least I couldn’t find any) to create a selection for Zeus from script – you have to select things you want manually unfortunately.
  • gui elements may not be positioned properly for some gui sizes and resolutions, should work on 1080p, can be adjusted by changing GUI size if diff res is used (sorry for that, my knowledge of arma ui is very limited)
  • standard curator (zeus) missions will be BROKEN when this mod is active
  • saving a mission progress is not supported
  • I cant get my head around Arma damage system, things are very atm hacky and probably not well balanced
  • Most of the vehicles are not setup to my liking unfortunately (handling and performance) but more to be actually drive-able somehow (by both players and ai)
  • If you click take control uav turret while remotely controlling unit, make sure you return back to take uav control before exiting control of remote unit completely, exiting directly from turret control results in take control function not working (cant move unit and do anything).
  • on client, Zeus camera may not be positioned on your starting point (solution: click on one the units or position yourself using map and pressing f key on any of your units)
  • AI units may not enter building or vehicle if it is too far away (like 10 meters and more) , make sure you give them waypoint close to vehicle or building before giving them waypoint to get in.
  • You may encounter AI units ignoring each other and doing all sorts of weird things
  • You cannot command your units to attack specific target for now
  • Most of the assets (vehicle, buildings) are missing far Res LODs for now
  • Workers in vehicles with active mode may behave strange (can be fixed by switching them into passive mode)