I’m excited to present you my newest project – Arma 3: Original War. If there is a list of my favourite games of all times, Original War has to be there. It is one of the games that caught my interest way back in early times of my PC gaming (it was released it 2001).

When I discovered what modding is, I eventually ended in a team that was focused at making Original War setting within Operation Flashpoint (project called First In Siberia – was working on a map for it – you can watch trailers I made for it here and here). Unfortunately as with other projects, that were aimed at recreating Original War setting (or making some sort of Original War 2), they did not reach the state that most of the people were looking for.

But that is about to be changed.

Arma 3: Original War is an unique combination of RTS, RPG and FPS that allows players in fully fledged multiplayer environment experience Original War like never before. Arma 3 is a great platform for modding. With the addition of RTS interface (Zeus), it allows some crazy awesome stuff to happen.

I have worked tirelessly over past 8 months and spent over 900 hours to bring you this modification. This is by far the most complicated script+config project that I have created for any Arma (please bear with me, I’m no expert, lot of things could be done differently). I should also note that without the help of my brother (Eawes – responsible for creating US models and helping me out testing the mod in MP environment), it would be almost impossible to reach state in what is it right now. Achieving a proper Original War feel would not be possible without including an awesome OST from the original game along with some misc sound effects.

First public build (BETA build 0.70) allows anyone to enjoy two sides of the conflict (US and Russia) in a multiplayer environment on a brand new map called Pliocen (specially created for this modification – people who played Original War probably recognize many places). The future of this modification has not been set concrete – definitely expect from me regular updates that will be aimed at making it working on newer Arma 3 updates (since it is constantly updated platform), but as for major additions / updates of the actual content, it will depend a lot on the actual interest within the community. There are definitely more things that could be added – along with third side of the conflict – Arabs. Arma 3 environment can easily support non-linear campaigns and that means whole story of Original War could actually be re-created within this modification. Since the whole gameplay in Original War is quite character-oriented, I was also thinking about adding some survival aspects to the mod – simply because I just love the concept of being stranded 2 million years back in an isolation, working with what you have found.

Please let me know what you think through social media or in Steam Workshop discussions, I hope that you will enjoy playing it as much as I did creating and testing it!