Dab is the mastermind behind a very popular DayZ Editor. His contribution to Namalsk includes amazing EVR Storm event, effects for the Athena structures, event system overhaul, hot food mechanic and bug fixing. His portfolio also includes work on the Gauss rifle mod for Namalsk, returning the og rifle to DayZ standalone. You can support InclementDab here.

Bubson is a freelance music composer and producer. His contribution to Namalsk is through the addition of an ambient soundtrack, which has greatly enhanced the overall atmosphere of Namalsk and has received huge amount of praise from the community. You can find more about the soundtrack in the soundtrack section. You can support Bubson here.

Helkhiana is a well known DayZ Modder and server owner. Her contribution to Namalsk includes snowballs, several environment assets and bug fixing. Her portfolio includes for example Namalsk Igloo mod, a craft-able shelter for Namalsk Survival mod, but also a very popular MuchStuffPack. She also runs a PvE community called Willow Glade and streams over at Twitch. You can support Helkhiana here.

Makers of a well known S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series, which has been for me source of great inspiration when making Namalsk. But most importantly, I am very grateful them for allowing me use the portion of their texture library (to give a proper abandoned look to all the buildings on Namalsk) alongside selected sound effects for the EVR Storm.