BubsonComposer of the Namalsk soundtrack. Support Bubson here.
BwaisCopywriter, proofreading of the lore texts. Support Wise here.
CreepArtist, model and textures for the Lantia Keyhole Observatory habitat. Support Creep here.
DabScripter, EVR event, effects for the Athena structures, event system overhaul, hot food mechanics and bug fixing. Support Dab here.
GormirnArtist, particle effects and LEHS HUD. Support Gormirn here.
HelkhianaScripter, provided various Athena-3 and Lantia props, snowballs and bugfixing. Support Helk here.
My brother – Artist, the creator of the Phoenix oil rig.
Vojtěch SchubertLocalization manager, Copywriter, responsible for text proofreading and localization (except the lore).
WindstrideArtist, author of LEHS, puffy jacket adjustments as well as particle textures. Support Windstride here.

Very special thanks goes to GSC Gameworld for their approval to use variety of textures and sounds from their amazing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series (used under written permission).