Unique environment

Welcome to Namalsk, an abandoned post-Soviet Aleutian archipelago with a bone-chilling climate setting, with hundreds of new assets, visual effects and environmental sounds creating together a unique atmosphere. Derelict Cold War military installations, underground structures, broken up sea ice and many other unique features and points of interest.

Your mission

Waking up on the coast of Namalsk was not a coincidence. You were sent here by Alexei Yeremeyev, who managed to escape Namalsk during early 2011 crisis (read more about his story here). While not remembering much (if anything) after the trip, Alexei rightfully suspected that the collapse of the society has a deep roots within the events of the crisis on Namalsk and it is up to you now to get to uncover the secrets of Namalsk.

Enhanced survival aspects

  • Loot scarcity and choke points – Carefully designed high risk high reward Central Economy setups (with multiple difficulties) with survivor movement kept in mind.
  • Condensed infected spawns – Significant numbers of infected and predator animal spawns making traversing through the landscape much more challenging.
  • Frostbite – Exposing body parts over longer periods of time can lead to a permanent injuries to survivors.
  • Frozen water and food – Additional steps required when preparing resources found in the environment
  • Cold resistance soft skill – Staying alive increases the resistance against the cold over-time.
  • World fireplaces – warm yourself by putting a fireplace in a pre-placed fire barrels scattered along sheltered places across Namalsk.

Random events

Blizzards, Snowfalls, Aurora, EVR storms and Extreme colds will ensure that no day will be the same on Namalsk, making the survival even more challenging and unpredictable.

New items

New Gorka, Sumrak and Yeger camouflage, all with a brand new hoodie parts. The good old Down Jacket and plenty of new colour variants for vests, ghillies, backpacks and more.