Status update

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In this post, I would like to give you a small overview on what is going in here. First of, I would like to thank all that are still actively looking on what is going in here, really appreciate your interested in my current and future projects.

Website update is a big milestone for me as writing my own website started to be really painful way to spend my free time. This will hopefully allow me to update website more often, talk about different this (since it has blog) and easily add sections for new projects without having to rewrite old website – which still exists as there are too much external links, but it was modified in a way that it can exists without further updates.

But talking about big things, the surprise announcement and release of Arma 3: Original War was probably a bigger thing than the website update itself. This project was something I wanted to do for a really, really long time. With the introduction of Arma 3’s Zeus Free DLC, I was slowly being taken over by this idea and finally, last year started officially prototyping. Now Arma 3: Original War is still quite prototype, but I was having so much fun within multiplayer sessions that I thought you may be interested in it too 🙂

Now if you look at the homepage of the new, you may notice the first line that contains mention of Namalsk (also some pretty interesting view in background). I think at this point it is no secret and I can officially confirm that Namalsk is coming into DayZ Standalone. So if you are wondering what is next big thing for me, it is Namalsk (yes, again..). Having invested several hundreds hours into it, Namalsk turned into something fresh and hardly recognizable from previous versions (available in Arma 1/2) and I just can’t wait for the time when you all will be able to play it!

But that is not all! There is an additional, smaller project that I’m working on, currently also targeted for the release in DayZ Standalone. While it is still too early to talk about any details, I can definitely say that given its concept, it simply shows again just how versatile and awesome are games from Bohemia Interactive.

If you have any more questions etc., feel free to contact me – check bottom of this page for options you have.