Jan 2019 Status Update

As promised in December 2018, I am bringing you another status update for Namalsk, this time for the first month of year 2019! And what a month it was, so lets get to it!

The end of 2018 was very busy for Namalsk, the reception on the teaser trailer was amazing and it definitely motivated me a lot in pushing things forward. Ultimately it meant that by the end of the 2018, after so many years, I had proper multiplayer tests happening with all the Namalsk-related features plugged in. Of course things were not as smooth as one would imagine, but over roughly 3 weeks I have managed to squash most of the multiplayer issues that popped up (be it game-play or some obvious balance issues). Tests conducted so far were done in 1-3 people and aimed at testing basic functionality. In the coming months, more tests will be conducted to analyse server performance and overall availability of the loot for the 30-40 player count target (to be decided yet). Some of you have noticed that I have captured few random screenshots from the initial multiplayer tests. Feel free to check them here (do not worry, they are quite spoiler-free).

Thanks to the tests, some quality of life improvements happened too. One example would be a visualisation of the cold resistance soft skill in the inventory screen (previously just a hidden number). This soft-skill will help you to survive the harsh environment of Namalsk by slowly improving the ability of your gear to contain heat of your body. The more exposed to cold you get, the faster it will improve. This skill grows slowly over-time and it can take few evening sessions before reaching its maximum. Ultimately, its there to give a value to your character, to reward you for continuously resisting Namalsk’s attempts to kill you.

In the coming weeks, I plan to look more into balancing the cold survival. While there are some quite game-breaking issues with the vanilla systems (such as items not loosing the heat), they do not completely prevent me from experimenting with all the environment variables at this point in time. The cold survival is the biggest part of what makes Namalsk game-play and it has to be done good together with the central economy setup (availability of key items for survival).