May 2019 Status Update

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This month, I have finally managed to focus on the question of vehicles on Namalsk. As I have already mentioned few times, there is not much space on Namalsk in terms of buildings that can spawn loot (and so far I consider that as rather a good thing as it makes a visit to a building worthwhile). What I have decided to do with vehicles is to spawn most of the attachments on them. Big body parts are exclusive to the vehicles only, wheels are available in limited numbers and generic parts such as spark plug, battery and radiator are available in decent numbers in the world.

There is currently only one dynamic event to spawn all the types of vehicles (Ada, Olga and Gunter) and current nominal is set to 6. Will see how this number will work in future, but personally, I would not expect more than 10 available vehicles on Namalsk given its size, available loot spawn points for the vehicle parts and the target player-count.

Progress has been made also on the other CE events. I have managed to get an ambient (cluster) spawner working, which will be responsible for spawning rocks on any dirt road and railway tracks.

If you have read last status update, you know that I have got the infected spawner under control, which meant I could also take a look on it and tweak things. Because Namalsk is a lot smaller than Chernarus, I can pretty much use the same numbers of infected, but they end up much more condensed. Current setup actually has even bigger amount than Chernarus, but that is because planned server player count is like half of Chernarus. I may actually end up lowering the numbers a bit (depends on future improvements in the infected behaviour and combat), but so far I do really get the feel of that DayZ Mod like sneaking through the landscape trying not to get noticed. There are actually some locations, which are incredibly hard to loot alone at the moment (without someone else distracting infected) and as in DayZ Mod, careless shooting ends up in your death most of the time.

I have also figured out the issue with diversity of infected within the infected dynamic events (CE was spawning only few types before). Also configured my own infected classes (re-textures of existing infected models) to support the lore surrounding Namalsk. One other thing that is currently under progress is the preparation of CE config for the infected attachment spawning (helmets, vests,..). But more on that later.

I have also focused my efforts on rather lengthy door refactor on all Namalsk buildings. Goal of this was to primarily implement damage zones on doors (feature in 1.03), but I have also focused my attention to transform several single doors into twin ones as they did not really made any sense with locking feature now re-implemented in 1.03.

So as you can see, this was another busy month for Namalsk. If you are wondering about the blog header picture – yes, I have been busy testing availability of the base building tools and while I was at it, I have built a first proper base on Namalsk!