Jul 2019 Status Update

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The underlying changes in the update 1.03 and 1.04 meant that I had to switch off certain Namalsk features and re-evaluate their implementation on the updated mechanics. One of the prime examples would be the changes to the way character stomach works. Previously, there were multiple stomachs for each character and on Namalsk, I have updated the system adding 3 more stomachs to handle frozen, freezing and warm contents of the original stomachs. Now why did Namalsk characters had more stomachs than a cow?! Well, that is simple, I wanted to differentiate the temperature of the food they eat and following penalties or benefits would be processed over-time, just like the normal contents of stomach in DayZ are.

Now however, processing of food on character has changed and each character has now only one stomach, which basically contains all the things that character eat and are currently under process of digestion. I had to return to the drawing table and figure out, how to attach my old ideas into the new stomach. After a while, I have figured things out and this re-implementation was a success, which means I can actually talk about it now.

First, lets talk how can you get to actually eat something cold on Namalsk. Well, its easier than you think:

Snow and ice surfaces offer an action to either eat it with bare hands or fill any liquid container with it. If you decide to fill a container with it, you can wait it out to switch from frozen state into freezing, then to normal temperature and since liquid from snow and ice is considered non-potable, clean it using water purification tablets.

Freezing non-potable water can also be collected in lower altitude lakes (with ice on the edges) and from dig-able frozen lakes in higher altitudes.

Low-altitude lake with freezing water
You can dig up a hole in a frozen lake

There are also 6 regular well-based water sources on Namalsk (yes, just 6), which yield standard clean water like you know it from Chernarus.

Trust me when I say you will visit this one often..

If you are in luck and you find a can of food or soda, do not get too excited as every food source (which contains some water), will spawn in frozen state on Namalsk. For canned food, frozen means you can open it, but you cant eat it. You can wait it out (while having it in your inventory), until it becomes freezing or you put it next to fire to eventually get rid of the cold status and eat it without any negative effects.

Any food that has temperature different from default (be it positive or negative) has overtime effect on your heat comfort. If you accidentally eat cold things and you do not really want to get over-time penalties into your heat comfort, just force vomit (this has been added as an emote in 1.04 update). Keep in mind the fact that you will essentially get no water or energy from the thing (contents of stomach in DayZ are processed over-time, not instantly).

Now, if you are asking – why do I need to do all these things before I can drink or eat? Well, DayZ is a survival game and like I have mentioned many times, Namalsk builds on its strong foundation to provide a survival experience that reflects harsh environment of Namalsk. Like with any other Namalsk systems, even this has been implemented in a way that it does not interfere with vanilla game-play and thus you can have Namalsk mod active even if you play on Chernarus or any other terrain.