In Namalsk stories

Author’s note: This is the first out of several mini stories, setting up the lore transition from Namalsk Crisis campaign (A2) to Namalsk in DayZ. Keep an eye on my twitter for more teasers and get ready for more adventures, because if you stick with it, there is going to be a very nice surprise at the end!

I woke up in almost a pitch-black environment, trying to gather my senses, seen tiny bits of light coming on the other side of the room I was inside, but wait, it looks more like some shipping container. Where the hell am I? Moments later hearing some loud harbour-like noise outside followed by a sound of seagulls flying away. What the hell happened to me?! While trying to answer that question, I am hearing steps outside, a metal feedback, I am definitely on a ship. Wait, its two people. Are they talking? Looks like they are, cant understand anything, but something tells me I should. My head hurts, unsure from what exactly, maybe long sleep? Did someone put me unconscious?

Then it came, a loud bang (probably some explosion not too far away) followed by an intense firefight. I am hearing those two running somewhere, possibly help? Another loud bang, I am loosing it again..

I woke up again from the smell of burning rubber, but also feeling a bit more refreshed than the last time, I walked outside of the shipping container and have seen an aftermath of some fight. The ship I stayed on remained mostly intact, but some ropes around caught a fire and were still somewhat burning. But I was really at some harbour, unknown location. The weather felt a bit chilly, but not that much. I left the door open for the light to come in, trying to get anything useful from this very improvised room (or a cell?).

I have managed to find a way to the harbour pier. The place was abandoned. I thought that there would be some bodies after the fire fight, but no, not even bodies. Just very deteriorated, perhaps post-soviet era harbour. Everything sure looked as eastern Europe place. Perhaps Ukraine? I went to some guardhouse and found some papers, a mix of Ukraine and Czech texts. I can’t read Czech, but can somewhat understand Ukraine. Found some shipping-related papers, a container full of relief supplies from Venice, Italy to Primorsk, Chernarus. That would explain a lot, but how did I get here? Then finally noticed a date, October 15th, 2011. How the time could slip so much? But it at least explains why I cant remember anything from past two years.

Decided to get out of there as quickly as possible. Managed to snatch some layers of clothing, found some supplies in one of the marked containers, packed my bag as much I could and walked away through some rather abandoned warehouse area. And then I have seen it, the city of Primorsk itself. Smoke coming from several buildings across the bay and sounds of gun fire in background. What the hell happened here? I have decided to switch from the road to a forest next to it, to remain somewhat hidden. I have bumped into what seemed a very improvised road block. Then I have seen it, bodies of police officers and soldiers next to bodies of what looked like un-armed citizens of the city.

I kept telling myself, this is not happening, wake up, wake up. Then I have heard some noise, a crack, perhaps branch fallen from the tree? No, it was a person walking close to the road ahead. My instinct has prompted me to shout at the person, but the only thing I got back was a scream, followed by erratic run towards me. I have switched my priorities, started searching for anything I could use to defend myself with. While searching, I have noticed bullet wounds on one of the police officers that had handgun next to him. Grabbed it, quickly tried to think of the steps I had to do when using a weapon. Few bullets left, turned around towards the person, now literally 20 meters in front of me. It was a woman, maybe in late 40s, wounds on her face and hands. I have raised my weapon and shouted at her to walk away. No reply. I shouted again and again. I kept telling myself this is not happening, I do not want to do it. As she was literally meters away, I saw fear in her eyes, then pressed the trigger.

This is it. That is what I call a welcome to a new life of my own, in a fucked up world. I am Alexei Yeremeyev, advanced material scientist from Vladivostok University of Nanomaterials.