Sep 2020 Status Update

 In Namalsk posts

First of all, let me apologize for the website hiccups over past few weeks. It all started around mid September. My website was offline for over a week due to an attack on the infrastructure of my provider. They brought everything back, but there was literally no line of communication between users and them. I had to literally google them and find about the update on accesses through some random Facebook pages. Eventually, I have managed to regain access to everything, but the website continued to suffer from various issues, which over time (around the beginning of October) become bigger with frequent un-availability. I tried to solve it, but have received zero messages from support about it. Given the fact that the website blog is alongside my Twitter primary way of communicating with all of you, I just could not wait more and after 11 years, I was forced to switch the website provider. After roughly 3 days of trying to revive everything on a new place, I am happy to announce everything should be done. The website also seem to be a lot faster than on the old provider, which is a very welcomed change. If you find any issues with links, site un-availability etc., please let me know on mail/twitter or discord.

If you are a Discord user, let me invite you to the official Namalsk Discord server, where I will keep all the Discord peeps up to date with Namalsk things, gather feedback and issues, but also provide help to anyone, who is interested in running a Namalsk server. See you there!

While I would really want to talk about what is happening in terms of development of the mod itself, I can’t. Why, you may ask? To put it simple, I would be spoiling the contents of the upcoming game update 1.10. All I can say at this point is that I am using my experience, gained through the development of Namalsk, to improve vanilla cold survival (through new features, bugfixes and balancing). This also makes the mod itself less complex and thus easier to manage in long term. So in short, a win for everyone 🙂

Now I would like to talk about the event that I am currently running – Namalsk stories. During next two weeks or so, I will be releasing a short series, connecting the story of Arma 2 Namalsk Crisis campaign and Namalsk in DayZ. These stories are unlocked by YOU, by playing on selected community servers. First story was already unlocked by DayZ Underground community and released as a blog post on my website. More to come!

If you are interested in an audio version of the first one, then check SepticFalcon’s vid over at youtube.

That is all for this month, but do not worry, October is going to be a busy one. with a very nice surprise. So keep an eye on this website, my twitter, the discord server and keep on adventuring, survivors!