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This is a fifth part of Namalsk stories series. If you want to read the previous one, click here.

There was little time to do anything frankly, they are gonna land somewhere and I am going to be on a crazy run in no time.

I have decided to leave my little camp as it was. There was no point in dousing the fire and packing too much things. It may actually serve as a decoy. I am pretty sure they will find me eventually though. My destination is the Grozovy pass. According to the map, this mountainous pass has a little village with a border crossing to Russia. I am almost there. Even after the madness I have lived through for past 2 days, I was still naïve enough to think there may be someone to help me.

This was literally run for my life number 3, but it felt really like the last one.

Why are they trying to take me down? Was I not supposed to be on that cargo ship at all, but rather locked at some facility in the middle of nowhere? What happened at the facility that I keep seeing images of in my head? Maybe I know it and they do not want anyone else to know?

Then, out of sudden, I have remembered the island name from the news again, Namalsk. The facility, it.. it had to be there. I do not know how did I get there, but I was there. For gods sake, what was I doing there?!

While my body was pumping all the energy into a rather frantic run through the forest towards the Grozovy pass, my mind was drifting deep in things that I have forgotten. Things I should not have remembered. Things for which they probably want to kill me.

I was part of some kind of an undercover research. There was a conflict raging against us. We were loosing, running out of time. But we have done it. We have seen something that no other human has seen before. Only to be wrecked by other humans shortly after.

I felt pain. We have sacrificed so much only to loose everything. My mind was conflicted. Was I part of the good or bad side? Was I now running away from own my past?

Asking these questions made me suddenly stop. I sat down and told myself: It is time, I can’t do this anymore. If anyone reads this, please, help me.

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Authors note: The sixth and a final part of Namalsk stories event will happen LIVE. This article includes a first part of Alexei’s distress call, outlining the date and time (in UTC), additional location info will appear on my Twitter and Discord server at the specified time.

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