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Prague, November 3rd, 2020

Namalsk is an upcoming unofficial Steam Workshop modification for DayZ, a sequel to the Arma 2 campaign Namalsk Crisis. A complete visual overhaul of a legendary island, which has captured imagination of thousands across the globe. An unforgiving Aleutian archipelago, decimated by a conflict only few people truly understood. Now an abandoned wasteland with challenging survival mechanics and story elements.

I am proud to announce that Namalsk is going to be released on December 3rd, 2020. There is still a lot of busy work ahead of me, but I am very excited to finally share this beautiful frozen wasteland with everyone! If you are looking to host a server, please join the official Namalsk discord here and request server hoster role (others are of course welcomed too!).

To accompany this announcement, a brand new trailer was published today. It officially concludes the Namalsk stories event, which has been running for couple past weeks. I would like to thank everyone who participated in unlocking the individual stories, which can be all found here. These are meant to connect Arma 2: Namalsk Crisis lore to Namalsk in DayZ.

It is time to prepare for the journey to Namalsk!