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Prague, December 3rd, 2020

Namalsk is an unofficial Steam Workshop modification for DayZ, a sequel to the Arma 2 campaign Namalsk Crisis. A complete visual overhaul of a legendary island, which has captured imagination of thousands across the globe. An unforgiving Aleutian archipelago, decimated by a conflict only few people truly understood. Now an abandoned wasteland with challenging survival mechanics and story elements.

I cannot believe that I am finally writing it, but after all those years, I am extremely happy and proud to announce that Namalsk has been released earlier today on Steam Workshop (PC). It has been a long journey to get here, but I hope you will recognize that it was really worth the wait. The website has been updated to contain all the necessary information about Namalsk, so enjoy the read.

If you are looking to host a server, please join the official Namalsk discord here and request server hoster role (others are of course welcomed too!). Many will probably already ask what is going to happen now. My top priority now is to make sure post-release ops will go as smooth as possible within coming weeks and months so everyone can enjoy Namalsk the way it was always meant to be. I do also have several improvements planned already, these include for example:

  • Possibility to warm up canned food.
  • Global freezing of food and stopping food decay when frozen.
  • Improvised head, face and hand covers (from rags).

Stay tuned for status updates, which will now switch from a regular monthly format to rather irregular ones, covering specific features and improvements, coming for Namalsk.

Please keep in mind that all of what you see has been done in my own free time and if you enjoy what I do, please consider supporting me in my future endeavours by donating either through a button at the bottom of this website or following link. Thank you, your support is greatly appreciated.

And finally, to accompany the release, a brand new trailer was published today.

Enjoy and see you in the frozen wasteland!