April 2022 Status Update

 In Namalsk posts

I hope you had a wonderful Easter holidays! I have got a short, but important Namalsk development update. But before going into that, let me announce that over 800 thousand survivors have now stepped on the coast of Namalsk! Truly awesome number that just keeps growing. Thanks for all the support ❤ Happy to see so many of you enjoying Namalsk!

1.17 game update

The 1.17 update day is here and with it, a ton of accessibility and crafting-focused goodies to the base game. Read more about this game update in the following blog post. Some of these changes have pretty significant impact on Namalsk and while I tried my best to update the code accordingly (to match the previous state), there may be still some loose ends to tie. If you find anything wrong or odd, head out to the official Namalsk Discord and use feedback channels to report your findings. Thank you!

Content Update 3

I am sure you are all wondering, where is the promised third content update for Namalsk? The answer I have for you is pretty simple one, I am working on it. I have promised you that I would deliver something really special (considering it will be the last one), and I intend to do so. This year has been a bit busier than I have originally anticipated and not all has been going according to a plan, but sometime, these things are out of our hands. Due to the complexity of the third content update, it is pretty tricky to keep stable Namalsk builds without any traces of the new content and so these will continue to contain only critical changes and fixes. I do not have resources to split the work this much. I am not ignoring your reports in the feedback channels, please do not take it in a wrong way.

I am super pumped to get the third content update live later this year (currently looking at the summer timeframe for the release). In the meantime, enjoy this latest piece of Lantia artwork. Guess what the dots are in the sky – more info on the picture as we get closer to the release.

Lantia artwork