Update 0.70.2

 In Arma 3: Original War

It has been an awesome ride so far! There is now almost 1,500 subscribers on Steam Workshop – thanks everyone for support! Arma 3: Original War has been also featured within today’s SITREP – I would like to thanks to my colleagues at Bohemia Interactive for the worthy mention of Arma 3: Original War! 🙂

Anyway, whats new in 0.70.2? This is additional balancing patch, that contains minor changes and additions, that will hopefully make the gameplay smoother. You now have ability to switch off faster time and choose predefined time of day (time will go realtime). In addition to that, I have taken a look on making overall resource collecting within oil drilling towers and siberite mines faster and to be also affected by 0.70.1 addition of speed of the game.

As always, take a look into the Development section of this website if you want to learn more about this update, if you are subscribed to Arma 3: Original War, steam client should receive update shortly.

There may be future updates like these before 0.71 hits public stable branches (really depends on the issues that will be discovered and Your feedback). I’m not entirely sure how long changes and additions for 0.71 will take as I have promised I will disconnect majority of functions, present in the mission file currently. This allows me to create multiple missions with ease – that means I will be able to implemented previously announced shorter scenarios for you who just want to play shorter sessions (around 30 minutes).