Content Update 2 Released

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Prague, August 19th, 2021

After recently breaking through half a million of lifetime subscribers on Steam, Namalsk is set to receive another major update – Content Update 2. This update continues to redefine what is possible in DayZ by adding an alien-looking world called Lantia as well as new lore-related mechanics and new items, all fully localised.

I continue to be amazed by all the interest around Namalsk, even after nearly 8 months, the player base is still going strong. It is time to spice things up for all of you veterans (and of course any former Namalsk survivors are also welcome) with the Content Update 2.

What’s in it? And what are the future plans for Namalsk? Read about all that in this blog post.

Content Update 2

The primary content of this update is gonna be little challenging to hide as anyone who spent enough time digging the clues I have left already knows what is coming – Lantia. Yes, this update finally allows you to get to there, but I am not gonna tell you how or what you can do with what you find in there.

It has been quite a bit of work to get to this point, but I am very proud of what I have achieved here. One of my main motivators to make this a reality was to see how far I can push the differences between the two areas (Namalsk and Lantia), while being on same terrain and server. I will leave you to judge when you get there of course. Speaking of getting there, I would not be able to implement that this easily without having the amazing EVR/Athena framework, developed by InclementDab for the Content Update 1.

Why not to check the update trailer while you are downloading the update on Steam?

I do have another blog post solely dedicated to share the overall progress on the development of Lantia (how things transformed visually over time – from the concept to the final version). Take a look here.

Future updates

It is maybe a bit strange to talk about the future here, but I would like to remain transparent about it. Besides the usual maintenance and small updates, usually synced to the game updates of DayZ (these will happen as long as it is going to be necessary), I have one more content update planned. Namalsk has been a huge part of my life and it is time to slowly move on to other projects. But before doing that, I am gonna make sure that the Content Update 3 is something really special. I have no ETA on it, but it is gonna happen this year and it will build on the content, introduced in the latest update. As usual, keep an eye for updates!

As always, if you would like to support me in the work I am doing and/or whatever I will be working on in the future, consider supporting me either through a button at the bottom of this website, following link or on over at the Namalsk discord. Thanks!