Namalsk island a fictional island located in Bering Sea in Russian Federation. It is island with very complicated conditions for living. Island is covered mainly by coniferous forests and mountains on the south part are covered by permanent snow cover. Namalsk is hiding a lot of industrial objects.

Namalsk island in short

- Highly detailed island

- Unique areas with unique objects

- Unique ambient sounds

- There is the first Arma 1 & 2 underground located under object AII

- Modules, which helps to mission designers to create better atmosphere

And what you can't miss here?

This section about Namalsk is offering very important informations about its history. So, first, check 'History' section, then i managed to get some old news from location of Namalsk, you can read it 'here'.

If you like picture below, check 'Pictures', there is a lot of more screenshots from development in different games and also from final versions. If pictures are not enough, visit 'Videos' section, there are some nice community videos.

If you like really a lot picture below and you want to download this island immediately, here is a section for you 'Download.'.

If you are already owner of Namalsk and you want to know how to work with for example AII Laboratory module, check section 'Modules' or section 'Class names' for getting classes of sounds or music.


Type >


Game >

OFP: Resistance, ArmA: Armed Assault, Arma 2, Arma 2: Combined Operations

Release >

[v0.30 A1] 2008

[v0.45 A1] 2009

[v1.00 A2] 2010

[v1.10 A2] 2010

[v1.11 A2] 2011

[v1.55 A2] 2012


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