Update 0.70.1

 In Arma 3: Original War

Welcome to the first post-release update for Arma 3: Original War. I’m very thankful for all the support so far on Steam Workshop – many thanks for the reports of encountered issues with the mod! The road to version 1.0 will not be an easy one, as I mentioned many times, this modification is quite complex already and within the multiplayer environment of Arma 3, things are not always that easy. That being said, I will try my best. And as always, please if you like the concept and want to help making this modification better, visit development section of this website on how you can help.

Lets get to the 0.70.1. This update is mainly aimed at making the only available mission more configurable and changing few keys things that were some problems. With this update, you can change speed of the game and enable/disable domination mode (by disabling it, you can build warehouses around primary siberite deposit without any additional requirements). If you are not familiar how to change mission parameters, visit How to play section of this website. In addition to this, I have removed playable RTS and FPS slots from Arabian side (Independent) to avoid any confusion (while it is described on this website, many people do not read it and attempt to play as Arabs, which are still pretty much work-in-progress).

For changelog, please visit development section of this website. Update should be live on steam by now.

For the upcoming update (0.71), I would like to take a look and experiment with how often individual state machines tick (how big impact it has on the performance). In addition to this, I would like to add new mission, that would focus more on CQB skirmish scenarios. As of 0.70.1, there is only the full-map domination/sandbox scenario, which may take too much time for some people. But to have any other mission, I will first need to make major changes within the mission itself – moving most of the code (that is currently present there because of easier development reasons) into pbo files so multiple missions can share the same code. This will also help a lot anyone that is interested in making their custom scenarios under Arma 3: Original War. I do not have any ETA for this update, as always, please keep in mind that this modification is mostly one manned by me, so sometimes, things may take some time. Thank you for your understanding!