Update 0.71

 In Arma 3: Original War

It has been little over a week since Arma 3: Original War has been revealed and released! Our community is still growing – we have reached now over 2,500 subscribers – thank you all for the support! Dedicated members of the community already spent some time and managed to get dedicated servers working for Arma 3: Original War. If you are interested in trying out this mod there, then definitely check this discussion for up-to-date info.

After two smaller (0.70.1 and 0.70.2) updates this week, I have dedicated end of it to a bigger update and so that means its time for version 0.71!

So what version 0.71 does contain? First of all, you can now play much shorter skirmish scenarios! These are meant to be for a fast-paced action and should not take longer than 0.5-1 hour. There are currently 6 available skirmish locations you can choose from (through mission parameters). Following picture shows areas that they cover.

Please keep in mind that some additional balancing may be required for some of these locations (should be relatively easy now with the base done). If you want to learn more about skirmish mode or anything else related to the gameplay in Arma 3: Original War, please visit How to play section of this website.

So with version 0.71, there are now two available missions (or modes). It still contains domination mode mission (the original mission that is there from day one), but it has been internally renamed, so if you own server, you may want to change it with this update (check changelog for exact new name of this mission). As I mentioned in earlier update posts, making multiple missions required some internal changes. Update 0.71 contains these and I think it is safe to say that if you are interested in making scenario on your own map or any existing, you can do so now with ease. Check public repository (link available at development section) for more information on how it can be done along with source files. There are some more changes on the way, but this is already quite huge leap that makes creating additional missions a lot easier.

In addition to the skirmish mode, I have also managed to include some bug fixes and improvements. AI personnel should no longer embark after disembarking from a building (when button in GUI was used). You can also change ai behaviour and ai mode for multiple personnel at once (first support for multi-selection). And finally, RTS player can now directly take control of any vehicle with crew. This was previously not possible for computer-controlled vehicles and for manned vehicles, RTS player had to order unit to get out and embark vehicle manually.

I hope that you will like this update and as always, join the discussion in Steam Workshop discussion in case you find any issues or have some suggestions for Arma 3: Original War.

As always, take a look into the Development section of this website if you want to learn more about this update, if you are subscribed to Arma 3: Original War, steam client should receive update shortly.

Thank you and see you in past!