Jun 2019 Status Update

First of all, if you have not yet heard, on June 7th, Bohemia Interactive officially announced an update to the Licensed Data Packages (more info at [...]

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May 2019 Status Update

This month, I have finally managed to focus on the question of vehicles on Namalsk. As I have already mentioned few times, there is not much space on Namalsk in terms of buildings that can spawn [...]

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Apr 2019 Status Update

This month was mostly dedicated to play-testing, bug-fixing and balancing. One of the most important bug fixes was an oversight I had in the CE configuration, which was (to be precise) blocking [...]

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Mar 2019 Status Update

One of the really important things that happened this month is the finalization of the event system. This system is taking a very important role of making your life on Namalsk a living hell (most [...]

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Feb 2019 Status Update

While I have originally planned cold survival balancing for this month, I ended up spending most of my time tweaking the Central Economy setup for Namalsk. There is still a lot of room for [...]

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Jan 2019 Status Update

As promised in December 2018, I am bringing you another status update for Namalsk, this time for the first month of year 2019! And what a month it was, so lets get to it! The end of 2018 was very [...]

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Dec 2018 Status Update

Hello everyone, it is that time of year again and I hope you are having a nice holidays. First of all, I wish you all wonderful Christmas holidays and happy new year 2019. It has been a very busy [...]

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